Hi! I’m Norman Clark Stewart Jr.  Thanks for stopping by. (Now it’s almost Christmas 2018 or later and I still don’t have the about me page done)  It’s just after Christmas 2017 or later now.  Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, where I’ve been living, and Trump just passed the tax bill.  Net neutrality is no longer.  Google keeps moving forward.  I’m trying to know what to do next.  This page is going to be too long, according to SEO but I’m not feeling too good, right now, about alphabet soup, FICO, or language as communication.

I’m working on some writing. Freakking.com nomoneyinpoetry.com onoverload.com outtick.com patientspatience.org thebarefootbutler..com thedidactic.com thefemaleformfrozen.org ralphlets.com 

Muttonfist Lyrics

I hold, as memory, certain points which made moments  that shaped and shape my understanding of how I operate.  One of these was long ago, when I was first trying to be self-employed in the 1980’s.  Reagan was President and I started to see the possibility that the only folks making new money were the businesses that supported small business development.  Lots of money-strapped businesses were buying office supplies and office space, and tax advice.  Over time, many of these new small businesses closed from spending too much money trying to look like a “business”. The trappings consumed more resources than the making of income justified.  My father told me that he tried not to sell things that customers didn’t need, even if they thought they did.  It was an  ethical stance of his to not over-sell a customer or load them up with things they completely didn’t need.  Lately, Dr. Erick Cupp informed me that nothing on the internet was being sold by him, even though it was his work, his name, his seminars, on Amazon.com.  Somehow, Dr. Cupp had lost control of his own intellectual property.  Someone else was profiting from selling it, but he had not okayed it and it was not being sold by him.  I recently found him on linkdin after not seeing his presence anymore, anywhere else on the internet.  I used to refer my teachers and students to his work because what he does with troubled youth and, basically anyone, just plain works. The famous, worthwhile, and amazing Dr Cupp had pulled out.

When I was 6 years old, I was an monetary arbitrager.  I had no idea that the word arbitrager existed, but I would play games with myself, trading Swiss Francs for Deutsch Marks for Canadian Dollars.  On the papers and blank pads  I wrote “peso” upon, in my terrible hand writng or “Lira” with an arbitrary numerator (let’s say “7”) and lots and lots of zeros,  I would trade myself 7 million marks for 3 billion Lira or what ever the exchange rate was at the time.   I think  I made up the game without any input from friends or family.  It was my own game.   It was fun to trade money.  It seemed like a great thing to do.

I was helping put together a French Club lunch in New York City for our French Class when I was about 17 years old.  I had questions.  Next door to the French restaurant there was a psychic reader.  I paid and got told “You’re going to be a great businessman”  The look on my face might have read “I hate businessmen!  My dad’s a businessman and I don’t want to be like him!” but she stuck with her prediction.  Maybe she was fooled by the fact that I’d worn my 70’s cranberry colored Sunday suit with the yellow tie to check out the French restaurant and make reservations for our class.

Dad would say, “I was a short order cook when I was in college.  If you work in a kitchen, at least, you don’t have to go hungry”  I’d had a newspaper route for years.  I’d sold candles, amway, other things door to door.  I’d volunteered in the industrial Boy Scout kitchen at camp.  I’d done my sixteenth summer at Point Breeze as a fish cleaner and pots and pans boy.  I was, at the time, the manager/chef/only employee of a kitchen in an illegal gambling establishment called Friar Tuck’s because money was important, but I hated business. I hated compromise, deception, and the love of money above all else and, somehow, business had become that to me.  Worst of all, business keeps Dads away from their kids for months at a time.  At least, it kept my Dad away from us a lot.

In college, during the 1970’s, I became enamored with the idea that the only thing that could be good for the future of the human race was exploration, pioneering into space.  The vehicles that would make that possible would, it seemed to me, look a lot like our Earth, be self-sustaining Biospheres. That is why I started the company Biospheres and Other Self-Sustaining Environments and began to look into the psychological aspects of long journeys into space.  The movie Biodome, which made fun of the notion of a self-sustaining entity, and other political considerations, made the fervor for travel into space wane for our politicians.  Even NASA stopped emphasis on manned space flight.

Working kitchens around the country, tutoring, teaching guitar, cab and school bus local teamster driving, chauffering a mob guy, bartending, bouncing, being a stage hand, security guarding, busking and playing songs in bars,  ushering live shows, I’d had a few years of dues paying before I met my love George and we decided to play music together. George and Norman didn’t make much of a musical hit.  We did write a few songs together.  I wrote a few songs about her. I just might make a collection of them and call it “George” in her honor.  I also have to make a Dead Skunk album called “Tom and Mose” I continued to write poetry, because I thought myself a poet.  I’d been writing since I was seven or twelve or so.   A year later, I asked what she really wanted to do together and she said she wanted to build a theater. She had co-founded “Eatmore Theatre” in Huntsville, Texas. So, we opened The Theater of Necessity in 1981, and I made myself basically unemployable, or so it seems in retrospect.  I’m working, on and off, to get the book “The History and Plays of the Theater of Necessity” started/finished, a chronicle of The Theater of Necessity,   To see progress on the book, please see these pages on The History and Plays of the Theater of Necessity -notes

The History and Plays of The Theater of Necessity


I began producing theatrical happenings and events and shows in Norwalk, Connecticut during my Junior High School years.  I was the go-to audio/visual guy in seventh grade who knew how to manage the giant potentiometers in the old, old Junior High School theater.  It wasn’t until after my experiences at Washington University in St. Louis that I took on the pseudonym Philbert Plumb for directing and production.  Using that name, I’ve been working on the book “Experiments in the Spine” , a history of my work with experimental, avant guarde, and pop-up, guerrilla theater.

The Theater of Necessity was really my first sustained business venture.  I co-founded it in 1981 when “George and Norman” didn’t look like it would manifest profitable folk music performances.  I began an outdoor ‘acoustic shell’ to house outdoor theatrical performances.  Producing “Experiments in the Spine” and traditional theater for quite some time at the Webber Rose Ranch, The Casa White Trash, The Hughes Theatrical Conversion, and many other venues, I continued to study at various local colleges and universities around Houston.  philbertplumb.com webberroseranch.com


During later attempts to keep The Theater of Necessity going, I came up with The Constant Shakespeare because over the centuries Shakespeare has been used to keep live theater alive.  I offered Personalized  Monologues on the internet and as a part of my theater coaching. The Constant Shakespeare.  constant Shakespeare. The constant bible the constant muse.  Drama Essentials learntoact.org   Doshit.info     doshitgetfit.com

The Theater of Necessity

I also realized that there were things necessary to putting on “legitimate” shows. I thought having my own security company for the shows would save some money. Stewart Security. stewartsecurity.com

gymprovise.com . improv-e.com jamhouses.com jamtics.com

itakeapiece.com . kn-own.com parakeetrecords.com

gigtics.com dreamtics.com gigticks.com gigtic.com

drama-coach.com . dramaessentials.com . learntoact.org . lessonreport.com limbertwo.com personalizedmonologues.com  physment.com  s-peare.com scene-work.com

With the state of acting, theater, and film in Houston being what it was, I developed The Houston Project to encourage film-making in Houston.  Films and actors did come to Houston for a time, encouraged to do so by the Theatrical Community and The City Council.  Trying to make community in Houston led to The Houston Coalition and The Patchwork Theatre Group   See what’s up with The Patchwork Theater Group here

During the 1970’s, when I started to be called ugly,  I decided to claim it.  “Soon Ugly will be in”, I’d say and developed a music personae Ugly, “because sometimes the truth isn’t pretty”.  I featured somewhat improvised music made with loops “no longer than 15 seconds” and cheap electronic keyboards. I had attended Washington University in St. Louis because they had one of the most extensive electronic/synthesizer music labs in the country and I thought unlimited sound palates were a good idea.  Strange that the average phone now has more computing power than that entire room-sized, gear-filled studio did back then. Ugly was my way of doing ‘electronic’ music on the cheap and getting a fuller sound than the singer/songwriter tradition I’d been following for so many years.  See UGLYUGLYUGLYUGLYUGLY.COM or UGLY for updates.  Keeping my Singer/Songwriter hopes alive were the personae “Norman” at normannormannorman.com (norman and normannorman were taken, so it was 3 times to remember me)  which was later simplified to “YesNorman” (see yesnorman.com)  As YesNorman I began to play harp.

I thought of myself as a writer.  At seven or so I started writing poetry and around 12 or 13 I completed my first song called “Epoch” (because I found the word in the dictionary) which sang “Pollution is the problem” I auditioned with my new song for the school talent show, didn’t make it, but my favorite guitarist, Eddie Johnson, encouraged my songwriting and set me loose.  By Twenty three years old, I’d written almost 500 songs.  One was courted by a Detroit record company, but I told them they had to take my rock opera not the silly little sex song that they liked.  They got insulted and I got no record contract.  Hey, I was only fourteen. I had plenty of time.  I never got another offer to record or buy any of my songs.  My narrative writing was mostly short stories and, after I starting being more involved in theater, I began to write short plays.

Years of photography at home and a grandfather film-maker gave me appreciation for images captured from reflected light.  I didn’t have access to or the maturity to understand glamour and artistic photography so the Portraiture studio that I established was Intimate Portraiture and can be seen at INTIMATEPORTRAITURE.COM 

fotofest.info freedomfotofest.com freedomfotofestival.com freedomfotofestival.info freedomfotofestival.net freedomfotofestival.org
freedomphotofest.com freedomphotofestival.com freedomphotofestival.info freedomphotofestival.net freedomphotofestival.org

My long projects became “The Human Form: Caught on Film”, “P(h)osers”,  “Confrontation”, “Norman’s Nightlife”, “Paparazz You”, “Junk Composition” and “Performers”.  When my sister died, I began to build a multimedia Facebook site called “Dear World, Love Laurie“.   My economic ventures to do with imagery are H-overview.com (hoverview.us), a drone picture company, Excursions Limited, a video/live event/movie production company, (excursionslimited.com)and houstonimageclub.info (houstonimageclub.com, houstonimageclub.net, houstonimageclub.org), a private club for multiple shooter image creation events moodsof.com  , normansnightlife.com paparazzyou.com  phosers.com moodsofhouston.com   Here are some samples of Norman’s Nightlife photos and Para Razz You photos, both taken from scratched old film shots (not digital)

I was writing plays, after 1981 for The Theater of Necessity,  and building a physical theater on The Webber Rose Ranch in the county outside of Houston, Texas.  Houston soon expanded enough so that the ranch was inside Houston proper.  Before that, though, in 1983, Hurricane Alicia took down the outdoor stage and acoustic shell I was building to present outdoor shows at The Webber Rose Ranch.  We were about to put on a musical called “Maybe Baby” which had Dusty Hill interested and auditioning.

Billy Gibbons pushed the three person band format, partially because it was hard to coordinate and not step on other players when playing loud.  Three people could occupy their own rhythmic and melodic spaces, especially if the drummer could sing, and stay out of the way of the other players but the band could still sound quite large and full.  The bass could be  melodic in a lower range than the electric guitar.    Rather than depending upon recorded tracks or other unseen players, I thought it a fun experiment to double up on each instrument.  With 2 guitars, 2 basses, and 2 drummers, I thought, there might be some fun rock music to be made.   246.rocks is an expression of that idea.

Having been the very first ‘acting editor-in-chief’ of The Public News, a successful local music weekly, I thought it would be fun to start publishing “The Strain: The World’s Premiere Interactive Arts Magazine”,  which, at one point, was named “one of the top ten places to publish poetry” by The Writer’s Digest. It was a monthly that seemed to be an inspiration to many authors and artists because of its truly, truly interactive nature. thestrain.net is now a part of The Stewart School program of “learning by doing”The Strain: The World’s Premiere Interactive Arts Magazine Commemorative Issue

At some point one has to put the final mark on one’s first book of poetry.  In spite of my collection of poems called “Early Poems” and my book of my song lyrics “Performing Norman”, my first completed book was “Nicotine Mentality: Caught in the Trope”.(another format is here — not sure which is easier to read) These are the version of Nicotine Mentality that I published in the mid nineteen eighties   I have since decided to split the sections into separate book titles and add some poems to each on that theme.   Nicotine Mentality contained the beginnings of a new form of sonnet that I called “Up to Down and Sideways” sonnets and, later, Acrostic Mirrors  I  decided to publish the sections/chapters as individual packages, variously called,  Childhood Poems (A Movement From Rhyme),  Reflection Creates Images That Shine On Once Wordless PagesYogurt Connectedness , Long Letter To a Lost Love, Some Small Relief, Tachyphrasia, Consumption Sickness, Organic Concrete, Crisis Still, Dropsy SonnetsOne Breath of Hot Air, 1000 Words, Early Poems, Performin’ Norman, Lyrical Lascerations .   

I was a guitar servant for a while until I partnered with a group calling ourselves Planet of Sound at guitar shows.  My mentor’s email address included the joke play on the business name POS and I got known on Ebay for selling POS Guitars, skirting EBAY rules to only sell tangible products by giving guarantees that if you paid for a POS Guitar, that I would send you something that far exceeded the value of the money you paid.          ebayauctionprofessionals.com ebay auction professionals .co .  usedmusiccases.com  usedsuitcases.com   zbuffalo.com   revampguitars.com  superfrets.com  posguitars com

Late at night, with a giant campfire going but no audience and only neighbors in apartments several acres away, I’d sometimes ache to express my rebellion, my anger, my love, my loudness. I began to play as The Phantom Musician, plugging my LOUD Peavey amp into the chicken house.

  That wasn’t obnoxious enough, though, for drunken sod nights, so I started to seek out electricity to plug into at various places around town, almost always after three o’clock in the morning.  I would plug in and play LOUD music long enough to announce myself to the neighborhood, but not long enough for the police to arrive.  I later used The Phantom Musician to promote my religious organization “God Probably Likes Music” which was founded in Houston to take advantage of the exception to the “no amplifiers without permits” ordinance which allowed religious organizations to play pretty well anywhere, pretty well any time and at pretty well any volume on the streets of Houston.  I still yearn to play music from no determinable source.  The play “Guitars (The Musical)” will have to have an appearance, or rather a non-appearance, by The Phantom Musician


In the late eighties and 1990’s, I was sending out submissions and being published in magazines as a poet.  I thought I might have more success as a woman and submitted as N. Clark and Norma Clark, but got no one interested, really.  I came across a stripper who became Queen Zealot Blaze, or Q. Z. Blaze for short.  I loved her foul-mouthed humor, tried to send her on a national tour, reading her long poem “Found Poetry”  I started to film a movie, called Ploything, about her unpublished poem “Revolution”, which was supposed to be like “London Calling” or “Blesse mon coeur d’une langueur monotone” in a D-Day sense, and was causing unrest.  I still haven’t seen results of her works “Up Mine!”, “Sick Muse” or “Fuck a Day Poems” .  She might be doing Q.Z. Blues and may be opening Q.Z. Gallery.  Her long poem “Found Poetry (In the Titles and Some Lines From the Poet’s Market)” grew slowly during the early nineteen nineties, expanding alphabetically through the Titles of the Poet’s market’s listing of poetry publishers.  It was intended to be a humorous put-down of the type of poetry being asked for by those current publications.  Q.Z. got famous enough to annoy a bunch of editors and publishers and help cause the Poet’s Market to stop citing examples of the poetry that the publishers liked to look for. An explanation of the conceptual foundation of Found Poetry is here Found Poetry can be read here , but if you don’t want to sit for a 400 page poem, I’ve made some excerpts available.  The excerpt books are variously named, Colors., Eroticography, FaunaFlora, On Bad Poetry,  Organic Concrete: Not Really, Q.Z.   P.C.,Radical, Spitit,  Standing,  The Cynic Snicker, Twat  and Winter Vision .  


fuckaday.com  qzblaze.com qzblues.com  qzgallery.com       phallussee phallusee.com  phallusy.info  sickmus.com  sicmus.com  Q.Z.Blaze




I read Tom Brown’s School Days.  I was told that papers, even in 5th grade, had to be original, which I understood to mean what I later found out was called Primary Source Dissertation work or at least Secondary source Thesis material.  I’m still not sure how it can be original work if you’re just quoting other work in summary. I thought education was a very different thing before I spent 19 years in post-secondary education.  I started tutoring, for free and teaching for pay in 10th grade or so,  teaching what my decade of learning guitar had misinformed me to think I knew.  I taught music as I learned Theater, wrote musical theater plays and ‘legitimate’ plays, acted.   Years later, I saw that education had left me behind, that college education, as much as doctoral studies, had become academic hazing.  I worked hanging lights at The Alley Theatre for. a Harvard lighting design graduate who had only 2 designs to her credit.  She was hired by reputable regional theater and I was an “airhead” with 60 or more lighting designs to my credit.  When I asked the designer who lit Reagan’s inauguration about my situation he told me I was screwed, said they’d seen me doing worker stuff and would never think of me as a designer.  I thought the more experience one had, the better, that nothing in life was wasted. That’s what my mother had told me, but I guess they didn’t think like my mom did.   I founded The Stewart School for “Learning by Doing” soon after.  I started with the arts, since I thought Opera was the epitome of all the arts, like Wagner did and because so many people, like me, were doing art but not being paid or appreciated for their experience and abilities.  If the work was ‘sanctioned’, it hadn’t happened.  If you weren’t union, paid or not, you weren’t real.  How did you get union credentials?  By working Union jobs.  How did you get Union jobs?  By being in the Union.    I never realized the depth to which other entities are made outsiders by the small thing that is the professional arts community.  I’m still amazed the more I find out, but I did know that theater could be done away from Broadway and still be real.  Webster College, where I went in the seventies was trying to prove that outside  of St. Louis and WAY off Broadway.

My second cousin applied to work on his doctoral degree at the University of New Hampshire when he was seventy. They told him they didn’t want to waste the resources on someone who wouldn’t be able to donate to the alumni fund for more than a couple of decades and wouldn’t admit him to the graduate program.  That may be subtext and not completely truthful or it may not be.  I generated a lot of interest, for a little while, from the state of New Hampshire in my efforts to start Wolfeboro College for a new concept in education for all and for the benefit of all.  Just imagine a whole bunch of extremely worldly and experienced graduate students working on what their lives made into a passion for them as subject and research matter.    I mostly got response from outside of the Education department from people who were experts in setting up institutions for big money.   wolfeborocollege.com

During Philbert Plumb’s theatrical “Experiments in the Spine” for the Theater of Necessity at the Casa White Trash, we put on the “play” Farmwork Therapy as both an educational and theatrical experience.   farmworktherapy.com



One of the first academic education ideas I had which, eventually, led me to  The Stewart School  was Collegiate Flash . — flash cards for university facts and things needing to be memorized.  I don’t know if there’s a digital online flash card solution yet.  Very few things need to be memorized in today’s learning environment, but there are things which are useful to know “by heart”.


Being excited about new possibilities for the teaching of the arts, The Stewart School  included an early project called Dancer’s Playtime to help dancers learn about form, body line and composition.  dancersplaytime.com dancersplay.com

I had been teaching guitar, on and off since I was in high school.  I have believed in improvisation as an education tool, as well as a musical/artistic goal, for quite some time.  Why not have house jams around the country which can be visited by travelers who are passing by?  I started housejams.com diejammin.com diejamming.com . improv-e.com .  And if you can have musical jam sessions, why not movement or drama improvisation as education and entertainment, as well?  Hence, gymprovise.com

On Youtube, a blond bombshell started teaching language skills, I think it was, and various Hot How To site ideas were born.     hothow-2.com hothow-to.com hothow2.biz hothow2.comhothow2.info hothow2.net hothow2.org  hothowto.com


The idea of the answer service was soon included in the “learning by doing” concept what if students could make some money researching random business and personal questions that someone who is willing to pay a bit for research is wanting answered?  theanswerservice.info theanswerservice.org

One of the key deterrents to learning seemed to be physical issues with students, obesity and hunger being just a few.  Physment.com worked on a system to combine body and mind education and activities.  Teachwalk.com . tutorwalk.com peripatetictutoring.com peripateticschooling.com become one of my concerns, including movement in the educational setting, walking through museums while learning art, walking the paths of the institution, like Socrates, doing work and thinking about questions in ones head not just on paper behind a desk or on a blackboard.    teachwalk.com tutorwalk.com  .physment.com




I started studying classical guitar in Germany at the age of 5.  I felt great affinity with the piano but only played the Steinways at church and school and didn’t get piano lessons until I was college aged.  I wrote my first song at the age of 13 or so. I did my first paying gig at a gangster affiliated bar when I was 12 or 13, being paid in drinks. I did a concert for pay for the town I lived in and was one of the first folk musicians to play services when the Roman Catholic Church went away from Latin and embraced hippie culture services.  I recorded my first LP album at the age of 16 or 17 at Golden East Recording.  My most famous teacher, I think, was Lenny Breau.  I was a music major at Washington University in St. Louis until the Drama and English departments got their hooks in me. My father was a lover of jazz who frequented Eddie Condon’s club in New York when he was young.  He wouldn’t allow me to buy or play and electric guitar.  He found the amp and guitar I’d smuggled into the attic, a used Gibson I’d bought with my newspaper route money when I was 17.  He made me sell it.  I played some clubs and bars as a singer-songwriter in Connecticut, Vermont, Texas and Missouri.  I wanted to be called Norman when another Norman Stewart started playing the bars of Houston.  In later years, I played as Norman but Norman.com was taken and so was normannorman.com so it was three times to remember me by, that is, normannormannorman@normannormannorman.com.  Boy was that hard to see and type.  I use it now as a communication portal if there are no phones or paper to write down my contact information.  Norman was out and YesNorman became my Youtube identity for folk music, singer songwriter music and eventually some of my own music.  I really felt I needed to keep the more traditional, family friendly, liberal voice of my YesNorman concerts and songs, which featured almost no improvisation at all distinct and separated from the musical personae I kept threatening to create when I was in college, telling my girlfriends, “just wait and see. Ugly will soon be in”. I created Ugly because “Sometimes the truth isn’t pretty” . Not all music has to feel beautiful and be about love and wonder.  If I was to be ugly I’d be the only legal Ugly.  “You can’t call that kid ugly.  I’m the only one who is Ugly in this room” Drunken Digressions and music made to have a sound sequence perceived in the brain which was never played but was an averaging of different input into the left and right ear became the proof I was seeking with the Ugly personae.  I did less Ugly stuff when “similar process started to make similar music”, when the improvisation became clichedish, when the music became easier to create and, “my gosh”, pretty or prettyish.  Psy-Ops came next as a personae to manipulate truth and emotion.  It was entirely improvised.  I played blues.  I loved the blues.  I didn’t have a blues personae because no respectable blues player had given me one.  I often spend days at a time on projects, went without sleep for long periods writing.  We were driving in the pastureland and passed a dead skunk in the middle of the road.  “that’s what your blues name should be,” she said “Dead Skunk“.  Doggoned it I don’t think I really wanted to play blues under the name “Dead Skunk Stewart” but that was it.  Psy-ops music manifested itself as mostly loud, frenetic attempts to play 3 or 4 things at once on the guitar and sing, all improvised.  I wanted a way that jazz or complex music could be expected when people came to see me play and shows that featured unusual but not ‘folky’ type instruments, again all improvised, but this time “Full Tilt Bozo“.  If you went to a YesNorman concert you got mostly singer/songwriter stuff and all acoustic medleys and folk songs.  If you went to an “Ugly” or an “Ugly Lite” or an “Ugly with Rhythmic Slips” show, you got experiments with left/right ear, angry at the world, self destructive as artistic dissipation, multiple instruments on loops “no longer than 15 seconds long” , sometimes the truth isn’t pretty, ugly music.  If you went to a Dead Skunk concert, you got blues and another type of truth-through-dissipation, drug confessing, woman missing musical presentation.  If you saw Psy-Ops play, it was thematic attempts to manipulate thinking and acting, literally, musical psychological operations.  If you wanted to know what to expect of a “Full Tilt Bozo” show, well, it might be anything from lunch-suitable guitar jazzy noodles to stomp piano with impromptu vocalizations to almost anything that was, after all, improvises and Full Tilt Bozo.  “Muttonfist” was a personae dedicated to the unplayable guitar which allowed for now-inspired, sort of more normal sounding music that allowed for learned songs to, suddenly, intrude upon the improvisational scheme of Mac Davis inspired songs for the moment for that particular audience, often never to be sung  or played again.  Lately, I have wished for a retro-psychedelic love revolution and have announced concerts to be played as “Lovelution”  I won the trademark battle for Muttonfist but Psy-Ops trademark was killed so I decided to have the collections of music be by different band names, like spy-ops or lie-ops or why-ops, and the titles of the collections all be Psy-Ops, so it became Psy-Ops by Psy-Ops and Psy-Ops by Lie-Ops and Psy-Ops by Spy-Ops and so on.  Any playing I’ve done with George has been called “George and Norman“.  As a distraction/diversion Drunken Santa, then Sipping Santa became a subdivision of the Dead Skunk personae, originally intended as a goof where Dead Skunk became Drunken Santa at Christmas parties where he was performing but mostly manifested itself as Sipping Santa in a Santa outfit, pretending to be drunk, playing Christmas songs on Xylophone on the streets of Houston in the hot center of Summer in the city.  I think I’m still the only legal street performer to ever play legally on the streets of Houston.

psy-ops.net    pie-ops.com  psy-ops.org  sly-ops.com spy-ops.com spy-ops.info spyops.org  why-ops.com whyops.com  uglyuglyuglyuglyugly.com  yesnorman.com ncsjr.com ncsjr

Music : The Music I Make       Deadskunkstewart.com  flacidpunk.com muttonfistcom  muttonfist.net  muttonfistfinds.com fulltiltbozo.com fulltiltbozo.net fultiltbozo.org georgeandnorman.com  georgennorman.com phantommusician.com  rhythmicslips.com sippinsanta.com  qzblues

YesNorman, Ugly, Psy-Ops, Dead Skunk Stewart, Full Tilt Bozo, Muttonfist, Phantom Musician, Lovelution “God Probably Likes Music”

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My father was dying and I gave too much responsibility and extra work to my writers so The Houston Critic went into stasis status.  I am trying to figure out whether it makes sense to do a tabloid monthly when I crank up the serial publication, once again.houstoncritic.co houstoncritic.info houstoncritic.net houstoncritic.org all lead to the online magazine and archives.  So do these, for the time being.  thebostoncritic.biz thebostoncritic.com thebostoncritic.info thebostoncritic.net thebostoncritic.org thechicagocritic.com thedallascritic.com  thedallascritic.info thedallascritic.net thedallascritic.org thedenvercritic.com thefortworthcritic.com thefortworthcritic.info thefortworthcritic.net thefortworthcritic.org thehoustoncritic.com thelosangelescritic.com theneworleanscritic.com thenewyorkcritic.com thephiladelphiacritic.com thepittsburghcritic.com theportlandcritic.com thesanfranciscocritic.com theseatlecritic.com.  Until I can gear up the local versions of the Critic “franchise” I’ll be doing some posting to The United States Critic.  theunitedstatescritic.com  unitedstatescritic.com unitedstatescritic.info unitedstatescritic.net unitedstatescritic.org

After being involved with a few enterprises at once, I tried to find a way to save money on phones.  I established The Answer Service because I saw the need for an answer service, like the one in that Hepburn, Spencer Tracy movie about putting a computer in a company.  I thought I could develop and monetize my skills at research and have an appropriate thing to say when I answered the phone that I was using for more than one business,  “Hello. This is the Answer Service”.  Since those years, I’ve seen more and more need for an actual answer service;  the more information is supplied by Google and Facebook advertisements and page after page fruitless searches through propaganda overload “information”, the harder it is to verify or even access useful information.  To see the current status of The Answer Service, see ANSWERVICE.COM or Answerservice,info




Hey, why not underfund a bunch of ideas for businesses?   Then  you can mostly ignore them and not make money.  That’s what I seem to have been doing.  A Wiki for 3D shapes seemed like a good idea.  I got as far as creating a wiki site 3did.info and an information page for the non-profit organization I didn’t create. 3did.org  and a spare site to keep the name 3d-Id.info.  If facial recognition software is as advanced as it is, why don’t we have 3d-id.info?  A website where you and upload a shape, a picture of an object and have it compare the shape with all known objects, a wiki not of words, but of shapes, tools, machines, objects would be wonderful, wouldn’t it?  Vapor-ware?  See 3did.org

My economic ideas and business starts-up or, rather, ideas and non-starts are various vapor ware and dream schemes.  I wrote plays as The Fantasy Broker, instead of continuing to be a Fantasy Broker, because fulfilling people’s fantasies was difficult and unprofitable for me.  I gave up on Biospheres and Other Self-Sustaining Environments after Biosphere the movie came out.  I still think that pioneering into space on biospheres or other self-sustaining environments is a great idea for the progress of man and the best hope for keeping hope for moving forward, not just surviving the day to day.  I found myself under-employed in my youth when I insisted on doing nothing illegal or unethical, wouldn’t serve green meat as instructed to do by my Manager at Subway #2, wouldn’t serve pork tenderloin to my Jewish friends from Washington University in St. Louis, pretending it was veal at a fancy restaurant in Webster, Missouri, wouldn’t agree to supervise illegal alien workers for a roofing business a friend of mine in Houston was about to inherit, even for the big money that was offered. I let my Eagle Boy Scout, good vs. evil, black and white, no grey view of the world get in the way of my workplace dissipation, even though I couldn’t find a way to justify the World Bank’s ways of operating.  I wanted an Economics of the People. I wanted people to be with.  I didn’t want to be an elitist snob.  Junkyjunkie.com came out of my years of experience shopping the ditch at the farm, where dumpers threw away the remnants of deserted apartments.  It’s addictive and fun to collect things like cranberry glass and unplayable baby grand pianos.  I have a space to sell junky stuff (that hasn’t been useful) at Cole’s Antique Market but I hate to pay the 2 dollar fee to park when it’s open, uh, because I’m a vendor who pays rent. See JunkyJunkie page for updates.  I’ve co-founded a theater and have established a school and what makes things more difficult is not necessarily being able to transfer the vision to others without paying them some money.  Partners are hard to find when it’s my vision not our vision. Putting myself in the position of potential employee, I really don’t know where to go to find work.  I seem to have looked everywhere over the last 38 years and, frankly, it’s unbelievable that someone who is, at heart, a worker couldn’t find someone who wanted me to go to work for them.  I was even told by a proudly proclaiming Roman Catholic HR person for the San Jacinto Girl Scout Council that she “didn’t like my work ethic”  Being protestant and someone with a work ethic, I was truly insulted.  Maybe if I couldn’t find work,  there were others like me who couldn’t get employed.  I thought that Keiretsu or Kiretsu style, ‘do good work’ style, identifying good workers style, protestant work ethic style groups might be an idea for getting workers work that needs doing.  Keiretsu.work , Kiritsu.org   Dogoodwork.net   goodworker.info   protestantworkethic.com

As the author of an unfinished trilogy of novels called, “A Right Of Passage” and the subject of those three books where “I told a lie or two to make them fiction rather than non-fiction memoirs or autobiographies” I realized as The Barefoot Butler, the actual butler, in a set of books about my three great loves, in order, called “Leftovers”, “The Barefoot Butler”, and “King Chaos”,  that it was difficult to be a small household, that combining resources and information was necessary to make things more affordable and created “Home Management Butler” and a Butler Robot idea to consolidate folks and give them the benefits a good butler might afford them. btlbot.com    hmbutler.com

Consolidation and big business wasn’t just the inspiration for Butler (information) Robots and Data Protection Schemes but was also the reason for my concern with branding and agency and legitimacy verification.   As an enemy of the big, or rather the other which is big, or rather the piggy big, or rather the too big to fail, I saw that resources combined by several small businesses like the Japanese Keiretsu’s could be a way to fight the piggy big.  How does one get known, though, even if you come up with the consolidated capital to think about competing with the piggy big?  Branding and other good will creation seem necessary; hence brandingand.com brandingand.com Maybe kn-own.com  so you can be known for what you own (or vetted as a part of the website’s listings) .  Maybe ethical advertising could help things like truethru.com  truethroughads.co truthruads.com truethruadvertising.com.   If you’re not like Burger King or Sears and you only have one location, maybe your home alongside the highway, five hundred miles from the nearest music crowd but you host jam sessions every Thursday night, for instance maybe something like a listing service that is for venues along the highways Highways and Byways  Economics Ponderings, about  Marketing  and company efforts at solution to problems popby.ieverythere.com  anythere.us   popby.info  uberhere.com  uberhere.us yardoff.com . It would be good to have trustworthy places to go for value of items, relative quality or desirability, veracity that something is what it appears to be and can be proven to be.  Maybe criticselect.com (arm of uscrit)  pro-venance.com   pro-venance.com    worthwhat.info could be useful.  The burdons of tax and other systems which have been corrupted by big piggy biggies to their advantage against startups and smaller business might be overridden by new safe ways to carry and assign and signify value Barterlend.com nuswap.com secmoney.com



Doing my 20 or 30th rewrite on The Barefoot Butler, trying to continue the style established in “Leftovers”, I discovered that I’d been writing a series of short stories, or rather, collecting a series of short stories that I could consolidate in “My Life As An Autobiographer“.   Also, it was getting late in my life for the continuation of the pseudonym “Michael Bond” (and Alicia Adler and John Peterson and Quesitus Marcus and others) thebarefootbutler.co freakking.com   mylifeas.info  mylifeas.us . My Life As An Autobiographer -list and notes


Working with intellectual property in my writing and music, I thought about what could be done to make copyright protection real and not just an illusion.  I become involved in Copyright Protection and Data Protection.  That was before the internet was so ubiquitous, changing both, but differently

copyprop.com       Copyright protection and Data Protection        Archives        



Let’s say you’ve got your phone and you video something amazing that only you have caught, what do you do?  Give it to Disney for free on their photo pages for Channel 13?  You don’t have an agent, but you can get one now at Agent Now (agentnow.com) ncsjr-entertainment-agency.com itakeapiece.com tuxedo-entertainment.com tuxedo-entertainment-agency.com psy -ops-agency.com  All Models  (allmodels.biz)  (allmodels,org)


After I walked through the 1969 Moratorium on the Green in Norwalk,  Connecticut on the way to rearranging the Boy Scout room in the undercroft of St. Paul’s on the Green Episcopal Church, I was approached by an older male than me who tried to recruit me for the Weather Underground.  I was a Boy Scout.  I was also later pushed to allow myself to be recruited in the eighties upsurge of the Klu Klux Klan, but I considered myself to be still an Eagle Scout and, though he bought me drinks that time at the bar, I told him that I wouldn’t want to join an organization where I was asked to do anything that wasn’t ‘righteous’.   I thought that was a good word for the moment.  That means I didn’t join the secret “Illuminati-like” organization of elite artists and scientists when offered.  That means I didn’t want to be an anarchist because someone has to arch, I thought, even though my life led me to associate with anarchists, vandals, criminals, drug addicts, spies for Iran, Iraq, China, Taiwan.  I was never a spy or a vandal and not much of a ‘joiner’.

Q.Z. Blaze, as documented in the movie and play “Ploything” wrote an effective but destructive book of poetry called “Revolution” which caused much havoc and misunderstanding after it was announced but before it was published and revealed as coming to the conclusion that the only revolutions that ever made any difference for the good were “love revolutions’ .   I started to promote Psychedelic Sundays, not because of the connection of Psychedelic things to drug experience, but because it was an artistic movement that perported to open the mind to the love experience, to the interconnectedness of everything.

C-span was my companion, droning on in the background while I was writing.  I thought they knew what they were doing before CSPAN and the realization that they didn’t know did not settle well with me. I started to write rant articles for The Strain.  Generally, my political world, my views and opinions are understandable if you know me as an Eagle Boy Scout and an Episcopalian, wish girls didn’t have abortions but absolutely believe they shouldn’t be forced to carry a child in their bodies if they choose not to have a child .  I thought there should be access to lawmakers and opinion shapers  and uought.com was born in my mind. uought.com   I became a bit discouraged with corruption and abuse of power and selfishness.  I made Hope Alone the thing I thought was the minimum possession for the individual.   Love Solutions and political embarrassment were all I had to offer    livelovelive.us loveisalive.us loveisnow.us  lovelution.info  lovenow.info loveresist.com  loveresistdance.co  loverevolution.info   luvresist.com  psychedelicartshow.com psdychedelicbus.info psychedelicdj.com psychedelicdj.info psychedelicdj.net psychedelicdj.org psychedelicfilms.com psychedelicmovie.com psychedelicmovies.info psychedelicmusic.info  psychedelicmusic.org psychedelicmusic.us psychedelicrevolution.info psychedelicshow.co psychedelicshow.com psychedelicshow.info silentpsychedelic.com theloverevolution.us  Political  jointheloverevolution.info  jointheloverevolution.us  summeroflove2017.us  summeroflove50th.us  The fiftieth anniversary of the Summer of Love didn’t come off quite as expected due to Hurricane Harvey in Houston. Maybe Summer of Love 2018 is possible movethevote.info movetovote.org votemove.com  untiedunited.com

sillypsybin.com  psychedelicsundays.com  revodelic.com

Lately I’ve been working on psychedelic shows to spread love as a solution with Lovelution  as the music of the love solution or the love revolution


My experience is sometimes recalled on paper and in books.  My ongoing work on the book Drama Essentials and the music/guitar book “Toward a Mastery” have been my main job for more than two decades.  Drama Essentials learntoact.org   Doshit.info     doshitgetfit.com drama-coach.com s-pear.com s-peare.com scenework.com

Shakespeare is a constant and has been a constant force in English speaking and other theater since the plays were written.  Doing a constant feed of Shakespeare plays and writings is a benefit to the students who read/act the plays out load and the listeners who hear interpretations and versions of the words of Shakespeare, uncut and whenever they wish. Shakespeare is a Constant.  constantshakespeare.com

With the importance of the King James and other Holy Bibles The Constant Bible soon followed.

The first large iteration of The Stewart School was inside the Rhyme Room Rehearsal Studios in Houston, Texas.  I rented several rooms to get the school going.  It’s now a decade or so later. I’m preparing to build a dedicated venue and have a few studios around Houston.

thestewartschool.education thestewartschool.info thestewartschool.net thestewartschool.us thestewartschools.com

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I was a poetry editor on the Norwalk High School poetry magazine.  I started writing poetry and songs when I was eleven or twelve years old, had written 500 songs of questionable quality by the time I was in my early twenties.  I joined the Black Writer’s Workshop at Webster College.  When I got to Houston, Texas in the late 1970’s I became the first “Acting Editor in Chief” of the weekly rag called The Public News.  I got fired over trying to expand the reach of The Public News into the Hispanic and Spanish speaking community. It had been conceived as a “New Wave” music magazine and I wanted it to include some hispanic issues.  In the 1980’s I started the infamous “The Strain: The World’s Premier Interactive Arts Magazine” which was named as one of the top ten places to publish poetry by The Writer’s Digest/ Writer’s Market group.  I have been wanting to restart The Strain as an interactive internet serial publication but haven’t yet.  I conceived of and began work on Sentimental Sojourn and The Didactic, one general art of a sentimental nature and one to publish poetry that was generally didactic, both things that were being shunned by other “high faluting” publications at the time.  Inspired by Hazlitt’s work,  I started publishing The Houston Critic and continued until my father’s fatal illness in 2015.  I am still planing to expand The Critic to various locations around the country and a United States Critic is on the way.



I bought a prosumer video camera and then another and then another and am now 4K DCI stuck for a while. The only literary agent who would represent me was only interested in screenplays and I was really only interested in William Morris.  Many of the movies I worked on with Excursions Limited, Serial Net Stories, and Sick Soaps (later 0 Budget) were unscripted and remained that way because that seemed a good way to work with the onscreen talent I was attracting in Houston.  Some got scripted and never shot.  A few were turned into plays for The Theater of Necessity.    I even have a movie on the way with a working title, “Making Movies in Houston” .  Please see Excursions Limited History for more information.  Being off-shoots of Escursions Limited, a telling of what happened with Sick Soaps, Serial Net Stories, and 0 Budget is included in the Excursions Limited History

act-ors.com .  actwhore.us


Sick Soaps (sicksoaps.com) was a way to separate the more mainstream stuff from The Stewart School and Excursions Limited  knocknoxious.com    lbconsensus.com lightingbyconsensus.com  parakeetrecords.com  rightscameraaction.info  rightscameraaction.us

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Making movies I realized that ‘indie’ and ‘student’ and ‘low-budget’ were industry terms to describe the size of the budget on a movie project, all of which were higher than budgets I was developing, so 0 Budget0budget.com became a way I could describe what we were doing without intruding on common language  usage.  I always figured that SSDC (later SDC), the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers, with which I had membership, would make a deal with the Director’s Guild so I tried to stay in good graces and without misunderstandings.

Man, it started to feel like high school dating.  I was trying to maintain a cast and crew but, on several movies, the actors started acting up.  I wanted a way to let other producers know what had happened with specific actors so act ors was born.  Some of them were actors and some were act-ors.  See act-ors.com



I believe in live performance.  Pheremones are little but big in impact.  That is why Excursions Limited was set up, not just as a movie and video production company, but as a live event producer as well.


Photography and The Stewart School



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RIGHT NOW I HAVE TO FINISH SOME BOOKS  The History and Plays of The Theater of Necessity   Toward A Mastery     Experiments in the Spine      My Life as an Autobiographer    The Barefoot Butler

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College Black and White photo course photos

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