Act Ors (acting like actors or not)


I Love My Actors and Crew

(and I don't usually have

any trouble with crew)

I love everything about acting, directing, putting on plays, making movies.  I have worked with many local actors and am willing to have them "learn by doing", if need be.  I like the serendipity of using the actors who show up, rather than doing a nation-wide search or importing actors from far away.  Sometimes it all works out well.  Sometimes it's a fun challenge to my directing or acting skills.  Sometimes, the actors I have allowed into my life and my shows are just NOT actors, don't know what acting is about, think creating lies and drama in real life is the reason to go on stage or to pretend in the movies.  Sometimes, they are vindictive or just greedy or think blackmail is the way to get what they want from me..  Sometimes they just disappear in the middle of shooting a movie or act like the movie has to wait for them.

These i consider to be the ORS in Act-ors, not actors just "or something else"

I've been libeled and slandered!!!

When all goes wrong, what can I do?
Should I make the actors famous even though it takes me an extra four years production to shoot around their scenes and rewriting to accomodate the fact that they left and editing in others to fit into the rewrite and re-shoot?  Should I abandon the footage, the months of shooting around other actors' schedules and crew favors? 

My solution to this problem of not wanting to waste the footage or make the offending actors famous is to use the footage to create infamy and warning to other producers and maybe some fun for you, the site visitor.

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