We mostly do Serial Stories for the web, but we also commit to longer documentaries if the stores pan out.
HUMAN TOUCH is the latest addition to our production schedule.  It is a documentary about the benefits of human contact, for students, troubled kids, the elderly, showing how they visibly change from contact with other humans.  For the rest of our line-up see that page.  Please use the Contact page to get in touch with us.

Serial Net Stories makes mostly “soap operas” and series for web and television.

Family oriented shows are our specialty.  “OFF THE GRID” is a documentary looking at energy independence and self sufficiency.  “GYMPROVISE” documents a new movement in improvisational gymnastics.  “ROWING AROUND” is a documentary about rowing. NATURE VIEW  is takes us to the most beautiful places in the USA and the world to tape calming video for the series VIDEO CALM . BIKE LAWS documents an ongoing performance piece from Norman Stewart which analogizes bicycle laws to other laws in USA.   BEGGARS, looks at the flow of solicitation on the streets over time FOLKAPEDIA  documents fundraising for The Folk Museum and The Traditional Music MuseumPHYSMENT examines new directions in teaching, especially Peripatetic Schooling. New is old again in this documentary about developing the physical and mental in students at the same time in a a movement away from industrial age teaching in rows and on blackboards and more like the Ancient Greek Peripatetic Schooling  EXPERT CAM is our version of Antiques Roadshow,  going to the experts rather than having road show.   MUTTONFIST FINDS AMERICA follows the modern minstrel Muttonfist  on his tours where he interviews and tapes interesting sights from around the country.  TEACHERCISE— a documentary series about teacher preparation to teach for Physment    “BARTERLEND  examines alternate ways of thinking of exchange of goods and services and the making of the movie “NuSwap” about government regulations on exchanges of goods and services. BEBOP NOUVEAU is about the  forming of a jazz band known by the same name. THE CONSTANT SHAKESPEARE is a movie all about Shakespeare’s influence on English speaking theater, about how Shakespeare has been a constant and has saved Theater since written.  DIE JAMMING is a  documentary series about improvisational music and the annual “Die Jammin” improvisation festival   GEORGENNORMAN is a documentary series that follows folk musicians Geroge and Norman as they work to save the American folk music tradition. DEAR WORLD, LOVE LAURIE is a documentary about my sister who was bedridden and ill for most of her life.  Collegiate Flash is a series of College level tutoring videos taught by real college students.