YesNorman. — that doesn’t mean i’m okay.   — for joan. ,–

Norman Norman Norman. — epoch n –

normanstewart cookie????pokey?-

Dead Skunk Stewart.  —. Skunkettes.     —  blues cliche. —  undress.—  blood-stained blues —

Psy-Ops.   — sing-along. — accapello anger

Full Tilt Bozo.  build on earlier

Ugly.  Rhythmic Slips.   drunken digressions

Muttonfist.  — mac davis. —  surprise intimacy songs.  —

Drunken Santa/ Sippin Santa. christmas.

Double Neked


Upright Spite Upright Comedy


Psychedelic Sundays

I Am Pussy Riot

Bebop Nouveau. jazz improv

The Phantom Musician. –noise in the night

PetraPound ????


flaccid punk