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my first completed book was “Nicotine Mentality: Caught in the Trope”.(another format is here — not sure

Nicotine Mentality contained the beginnings of a new form of sonnet that I called “Up to Down and Sideways” sonnets and, later, Acrostic Mirrors

Childhood Poems (A Movement From Rhyme),

Reflection Creates Images That Shine On Once Wordless Pages,

Yogurt Connectedness ,

Long Letter To a Lost Love,

Some Small Relief,


Consumption Sickness

, Organic Concrete,

Crisis Still,

Dropsy Sonnets,

One Breath of Hot Air,

1000 Words,

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Performin’ Norman,

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New 100 Acrostic Mirrors and Across

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My Life As An Autobiographer

The Female Form Frozen by Q.Z. Blaze

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